Saturday, September 22, 2012

Marketing Ideas- for Small Business Retail

I am going to be publishing information on how to use technlology tools and help with simple marketing for small businesses: I hope I will give you value for your business as I will be using real examples from clients that I work with.

I was talking to my client, who has been in business for over 20 years (multiple locations). I was suprised and shocked when I asked them one simple question. Are you maketing to your current customers via some type of email program. She said, NO... What shocked me is that many of her customers are high school students, parents of high school kids, teachers of high schools in the local areas and high school athletic directors.

They have not started a email campaign to their current base. Probably because they think that they have been in business for a while they don't need to look into this, besides people don't like being bombarded with email as I am sure the owner thought.

I told them, we need to meet so we can discuss further on why this is very important if they want to stay in business for the next 20 years. The landscape has shifted. Young people expecially are using their mobile phones and watching videos like crazy. The numbers are through the roof and major companies are realizing that if they don't include video in their marketing they are going to be out of business. If a company who is established doesn't realize this, they will go away like companies such as Kodak and others.

We are getting together next week to discuss this in further detail and how for a very affordable cost, less then they are spending on advertising/ month in traditional advertising methods. They will get some insight on how many customers they could have if they do this the right way. I will keep you posted.

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