Thursday, October 18, 2012

Business around the Globe

I can't believe how fast the world has changed. In just 22 years, I have seen the big telephones that they called cell phones shrink down to something you can put in your pocket. That was unheard of back then. A computer that actually is on a cell phone called a Tablet or smart phone, I am sure the thought was there by some, but the technology was not. 

With this advancement in technology, people have learned that the place they live is small in comparison to the rest of the globe. We are learning to accept people for who they are and what they do and why they do what they do based on custom and where they live.

I look at my small business and I see that I am getting clients from all over the World, - Thialand, India, Italy, England and many more locations. It is great to have conversations with business people who think like you do, but they do thigs different, they see things from a different perspective, and I think that is healthy.

The challenge that I found is that I have to figure out what time zone they are in before I call or even email them. While I am awake, they are asleep. When I am planning to go to bed and rest for the day, I need to stay up just a bit longer to be able to talk to them.

We even have technology that is going to be released soon that will allow us to meet in our video conference room with up to 16 or more people on video and have unlimited amount of people can be in on the call.. This will be great for anyone that does webinars already, but are limited or have to pay a small  fortune to have more participants. 

People can even attend if they are on the beach with a good internet connection while holding in their hands their tablet or smart phone. What is amazing and I believe a game changer is that each one of the participants can speak their own language so there is no "lost in translation" issues- With 140 languages that will be automatically translated with a 1/2 second delay, it looks like the world is getting smaller.

I hope I will be one of the limited individuals that will be selected as a Beta Tester, cause I could sure use this before it gets released. I got the email yesterday that I might just have that oppportunity. If I do, do you want to test it with me? Looking for participants around the globe. Just contact me or leave comments here.

If you want to know how to tie all of this into your business or your profession, you also need to check out a site a business portal that my team is building. I think once you see this, you will want more information and just for you we will not charge you a dime to use it. 

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