Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Team Work and a great Feature with G+ and Blogger

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years with your family and friends. My motto for 2013 is going to be "Be free in '13".

I was very busy in December and I did not have a chance to even do a post for this blog. What can I say, I was traveling a lot and the internet was a bit slow to be able to do this, I was with family most of the time and that was worth it. I know being in business- balance is key- but that is for another blog down the road.

However, with that said my goal is to do one of these blogs a week. I will talk about more tools that you can use using our new system from my team that is going to be released soon, I am creating new videos right now that I will share with you here on the blog.

Back to team work. I wanted to let you know my brother in law a few weeks back did a very fun exercise. He told all of us to go back to the room and each person stand on a tile. Note the tile is a regular size tile and each person would stand on it. He then said , everyone that is on a square, invite another person to your square and make sure you feet are within the square no part of people can touch or be outside of that square.

With 2 people in a square it is very tough, but then he went one step further. Everyone that is in a square with  2 invite another person in to your square. We now have 3 people in this square. Then he did this until we had 5 people in the little square. What does this have to do with team work? Well, try it, you have to rely on everyone in that square, you need to be close to each other, you need to hold each other accountable to make you don't fall off that square. You need to be creative in understanding how each of you works to hold everything together. You have to keep holding each other physically in order for all of you not to topple over.

Many people have asked me, how did some people get 5 people in the square, well what I didn't tell you is that some people had kids and guess where the kids went? The men put them on top of their shoulders, thus gaining more space in the square. So even the little ones can help your team more then you think. Don't ever eliminate people from your team because you don't think they will ever do anything, those are the ones that more then likely will help you in the future.

If you enjoyed this, please pass on to your colleagues, they will be very happy that you thought of them, especially if they want the perfect team in their business or organization.

PS. Bonus info:

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Yes you can now add this to a blog. Meaning that instead of creating a bunch of your graphics from your website and add it to the blog, you can now add your profile from G+. Meaning that you can create postings without trying to get all the pictures in here.

If you have not filled out your profile on G+ you might want to consider to do this.

Go ahead click on my profile to learn more- I hope I can help you now or into the very near future. God Bless and have a great day. Remember " If you don't learn every day, you die'! -unknown

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Be Free in Be Free in 2013

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