Tuesday, April 30, 2013

20 Reasons why you should look at CRM system for your business.

Smash vs any online system that is out there.

Smash will be a very powerful force in the marketplace when it launches its beta version the first week in May. Why? First of all many organizations that are used to or working with Sales Force or other CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management )that just don’t have the right combination of factors that really help businesses and sales people. Most CRM’s don’t attach the record to all the activity you do, from social media to marketing. In the beginning of development with Smash, the lead programmer and architect left Sales Force to join the staff at Smash. The lead developer for Motorola, left to join with Smash.

There is something to say when major technical people who are getting paid a lot are leaving their familiar territory and going into the unknown. I don’t think they would RISK their livelihoods on something that will not give them a return, do you?

With this said, there are some great benefits and differences I was able to research that I hope also convinces you that this system is way far better than anything out there and the majority of the system will be free – no cost, nada, zilch – you get the picture.

This is the current list of the one-of-a-kind marketing features you'll get for free when you join Smash Solutions. Not all of these will be available on the Beta – but as it rolls out and it gets through its testing stage many of these are planned in phases. We already have close to 2.5 million users that should be using this system and it not only needs to work well for them, but also for the millions that will be using this in the very near future.

This system is customized for the small home based business to the more sophisticated enterprise level system. Soon after this Beta, we will be launching our White-label system – which means if you are a company that has many sales people, professionals, members or business owners/clients you will be able to Brand this with your name not the Smash name. How great would that be?

Get pre-registered now – If your company wants a *white-label version of this, please let me know as we are now setting up appointments and giving a live demo of how this will work. It is going to be FREE, no cost. You will be able to set up a free account when the pre-registration is over which will be soon.

1.SEO Marketing (backlinking- automatically from everything you do)
2.Instant Messaging (Connect most IM’s)
3.Special Posting (Offer your special offers- Free and No Cost items or discounts)
4.Online Automated Training (Train 1 or 1,000’s of people at once)
5.Media Room (Videos of you and your business)
6.*Contact Manager (Unlimited database for all your contacts)
7.*Integrated Calendar (Coordinate appointments and meetings with everyone.)
8.Social Media Wall & Hub (See your entire streams from all your networks- sign in once)
9.Campaign Manager (Manage your marketing campaigns with ease)
10.Virtual Personal Assistant (A personal assistant to save time and money all automated)
11.Smash Bar (your calling card – can be attached to any website/blog you own)
12.*Automated Contact Notes (Notes from all your contacts or thoughts)
13.*Task Manager – (Create tasks with ease and get things done)
14.Marketing Analytics (Track all your marketing campaigns anywhere, and everywhere)
15.Advertising Manager (Create different ways to advertise not just one way, but many)
16.Video Conferencing & Video Email (Will be able to integrate with most systems)
17.Custom Tracking URLs (Every message is track-able without worrying about short Urls)
18.Project Manager (Keep track of your projects – robust system that does everything )
19.Smash Cash (Advertise or give advertising away for a value add service)
20.Smash Clicking (Earn by clicking and learning about other businesses)

Many more tools are going to be coming out in phases in the very near future.

*denotes what will be released on the first phase of beta launch. Majority of this system will be at no cost, some extra services from 3rd parties and our white- label system will be charged based on the needs of the client, but it will be affordable.

I also found out yesterday that this contact database will upload over 100,000 contacts in less then 1 minute and it is going to be tested to hold over 100 million contacts. When they mean unlimited contact database, they mean it. Also it has security that is way more than 512 bit encryption code. So you know your data that you upload is safe and yours no one else’s.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these benefits for your business and I hope you start using this as it is getting ready to launch this week. Remember I am available to answer most of your questions.

PS. We also have social media classes going on- 6 hours  ( 1 hour each day Monday-Thursday ) of great information you can use to be able to create business and it is sponsored by Smash- please Register for more information. This entire set of classes would be priced on the market for at least $600.00 and you will get it at no cost.

I hope you help with our Beta test and use this system and tell all your friends and co-workers, clients and maybe even your competitors. Well, I leave that choice up to you.

Bloggers make sure you check this out and review and share :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blogging via Video Feed- This is just a test!

 Can this work on a blog, where you can bring in live video feed from a broadcast, well I am going to test out and see if this actually will work. Who says blogs have to be boring. If you do this weekly, will people tune into your blog, just like they would tune into a TV show. Will this even work? If this does work, it will be on ongoing vlog ( video log) - That will be easier for me anyways and maybe you can meet me face to face- well at least see my face and interact on the comments. Remember this is only a test. It could flop and you will not see or hear anything.  Update: It looks like you can actually see me if you click on the box to the right. But I just need to clean up the image a bit more so it does not look so darn grainy. Update: click on the play button and you should see me live-  here ! Yes as you can see from the comments below it did work.. Yea to experimenting and testing

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rippln - make ripples that could make waves! Eyeballs make a difference

Once a in a while there is something that gets released to the world and you just say WOW. In the last few days I was introduced to a concept which I believe will be the biggest and fastest growing app on the market today.

Ripplin is a company that has been working for a long time on this concept of how can they take gamification to apps. Just like Facebook did with its games on the platform they created. By doing so, it created a ton of more players.

Now I am not just talking about games here, I am talking about when someone downloads that app, and something get's introduced into that apps view - all the people that have that app have a possibility of purchasing it if they want it.

But how does the network grow? Look at what Facebook did. They created an platform - shared it with just their friends and you had to have the Harvard email address to even be accepted into this special place.

It exploded on the campus and then other campuses were allowed to join, one by one. Then in a very short time they had over 1 million people on thier platform.

What did we do, when we heard about it, we talked to all our friends, social network and invited them in. G+ did this, Pinterest did this, now Ripplin is doing this- With over 130K people joining in just 7 days, it is taking the interent by storm.

Why? Simple- you create your own network of your friends and let them see this idea/concept. They have to sign a NDA to keep this hush-hush and then they get information and training in the back office.

It is truely amazing since the Launch is not even taken place yet and it will be public at the end of May. So I got in from a suggestion from a friend. It is like a game, find 5 people who you know and like and invite them into this free app that will be avaiable soon. Watch a short video, and sign an NDA. Simple. Oh then teach them to do the same thing.

There are many young people and some of us old people that understand what is going on and helping to create our social network- because we know the bigger ripples we have , once started they don't stop. We also know that we want to finally earn income or money from our efforts and that is what it will do.

Imagine that 130K are in this in just one week, what happens next week?

I can invite 5 people at a time into this and right now I have a few left over

If you want an invite, please message me here-

1. Full Name
2. Real Email address
3. Cell Phone Number- for instant notifications

I am building a team of very professional business people, so I decided to write this post. If you want to be a part of a team that is exploding, and have business savy of 20+ years working on our side, please join us.

PS. I do have 1 request- Please let me know what is your goal ? What is your dream- how much money does it take for that dream?

"Without vision man will perish."

Still not convinced. Here is a video that was released a while back! 

Ask me for your invite here #rippln
 Comments on what your thoughts are about this are most appreciated.
Let's ripple to make Waves.

I am an IC for Rippln. Happy Ripples to you !

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