Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blogging via Video Feed- This is just a test!

 Can this work on a blog, where you can bring in live video feed from a broadcast, well I am going to test out and see if this actually will work. Who says blogs have to be boring. If you do this weekly, will people tune into your blog, just like they would tune into a TV show. Will this even work? If this does work, it will be on ongoing vlog ( video log) - That will be easier for me anyways and maybe you can meet me face to face- well at least see my face and interact on the comments. Remember this is only a test. It could flop and you will not see or hear anything.  Update: It looks like you can actually see me if you click on the box to the right. But I just need to clean up the image a bit more so it does not look so darn grainy. Update: click on the play button and you should see me live-  here ! Yes as you can see from the comments below it did work.. Yea to experimenting and testing

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