Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It’s a SMASHERS Celebration!

It’s a SMASHERS Celebration!

This is something that not only can help your business stay organized, but it will allow to earn income by sharing this with others. I have used many online tools for years, but I have never seen a business portal that has all these tools in one area.

Here is what you get:
CRM (Customer Relationship Manager )- Up to 5,000 contacts or more if you upgrade
Task Management System- Keep all your priorites in one place, share these with team if needed
Event Calendar- Plan your events and broadcast them on push of a button, keep track off all
Online Calendar- Works with Google Calendar- Sync back and forth- push a button or upgrade for auto
Buzz Wall- Stay inside and post on your social media channels

So much more being added.

This offer will end 2013- Midnight!

Don't miss it as you can save a bunch of dollars, might as well use the savings for Christmas then share with others to earn more.

This system will save you money and time! It will keep your day organized and will help you build relationships with others faster and with more quality then ever before.

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