Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rippln - make ripples that could make waves! Eyeballs make a difference

Once a in a while there is something that gets released to the world and you just say WOW. In the last few days I was introduced to a concept which I believe will be the biggest and fastest growing app on the market today.

Ripplin is a company that has been working for a long time on this concept of how can they take gamification to apps. Just like Facebook did with its games on the platform they created. By doing so, it created a ton of more players.

Now I am not just talking about games here, I am talking about when someone downloads that app, and something get's introduced into that apps view - all the people that have that app have a possibility of purchasing it if they want it.

But how does the network grow? Look at what Facebook did. They created an platform - shared it with just their friends and you had to have the Harvard email address to even be accepted into this special place.

It exploded on the campus and then other campuses were allowed to join, one by one. Then in a very short time they had over 1 million people on thier platform.

What did we do, when we heard about it, we talked to all our friends, social network and invited them in. G+ did this, Pinterest did this, now Ripplin is doing this- With over 130K people joining in just 7 days, it is taking the interent by storm.

Why? Simple- you create your own network of your friends and let them see this idea/concept. They have to sign a NDA to keep this hush-hush and then they get information and training in the back office.

It is truely amazing since the Launch is not even taken place yet and it will be public at the end of May. So I got in from a suggestion from a friend. It is like a game, find 5 people who you know and like and invite them into this free app that will be avaiable soon. Watch a short video, and sign an NDA. Simple. Oh then teach them to do the same thing.

There are many young people and some of us old people that understand what is going on and helping to create our social network- because we know the bigger ripples we have , once started they don't stop. We also know that we want to finally earn income or money from our efforts and that is what it will do.

Imagine that 130K are in this in just one week, what happens next week?

I can invite 5 people at a time into this and right now I have a few left over

If you want an invite, please message me here-

1. Full Name
2. Real Email address
3. Cell Phone Number- for instant notifications

I am building a team of very professional business people, so I decided to write this post. If you want to be a part of a team that is exploding, and have business savy of 20+ years working on our side, please join us.

PS. I do have 1 request- Please let me know what is your goal ? What is your dream- how much money does it take for that dream?

"Without vision man will perish."

Still not convinced. Here is a video that was released a while back! 

Ask me for your invite here #rippln
 Comments on what your thoughts are about this are most appreciated.
Let's ripple to make Waves.

I am an IC for Rippln. Happy Ripples to you !

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