Monday, February 4, 2013

Take a mini-vacation - in a matter of minutes!

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Once in while a technology comes out that you have to take notice of. Many people from around around the world are viewing web-cams. Why ? Simple, people like viewing live broadcasts from around the world. Imagine just taking a break from your hectic daily schedule. Clicking on a camera of your choice and then just take in the scenery and relax for a few moments.

Well, one of my clients who is a friend of mine is working with a company that just does that. I am working with him to help him create new clients. He has personally set up two web-cams where he lives in Malta and I am able now to share with you the actual working cameras. (Click the link or picture above - too see a beautiful bay in Malta)

He is always looking for great places to put these cameras and I want to help him. They already have over 62 cameras and they are setting up more and more each day. Heck, I might have another 4- 6 live Video Cameras going up in Florida and Honduras before the end of 1st quarter.

What I also like is that if for some reason you missed a preview of the day, because you were busy and you didn't have chance to look, they actually do a time lapse of the previous day. It is so great to be able to review the previous day and see the sun rise and the sun set.

They are looking for more world-wide locations and I would be glad to help my client find these locations. We know that people like taking mini-vacation as the site already have over 1 million unique visitors to this site on a monthly basis.

The owner of the camera does not pay a dime for the camera, but there is a very affordable charge to run the software. However, that cost can easily be made up as the manager of that territory will find other business within in the nearby location and be able to offer advertising for the local businesses that is very affordable.

In addition to all of this, the owner of the camera will be placed on the site, they will also be able to embed their camera into their own website, blog or where-ever they want including Facebook. So not only will they get exposure by being on the main site, but also be able to show this to their clients and customers.

I think once this hits mainstream everyone will be able to take a mini-vacation all around the world for free. Sometimes when a business owner works 12-14 hours, a break away from it all, is a welcome addition to the schedule.

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