Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What do you think of Social Media? - My Story, and I am sticking with it.

Again I am experimenting with some new technology and wanted to test it out with this blog. I am not sure this will work, like it is supposed to. Instead of me trying to type a good blog, which by the way I am still learning. I have decided to do this blog with something I did on Sunday.

I believe it is like a podcast and I enjoy using these tools to be able to create my own show if you will.

My next test will be with video, as I would rather do a video or vlog then just writing this all the time.

I think most of you will either want to read only, or you might only want to listen, or maybe some of you would like to see and hear and meet me- face to face using video?

I guess, if you comment, I will know more of what you want.

If this embed code does not work, when I do publish this, please go to this website

Oh, I did listen to this after the fact, and I realized I did say something wrong- Twitter has 140 characters not just 40.. oops.  

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