Monday, June 3, 2013

Social Media- Spread the positive- Not the negative.

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Social Media- Spread the positive- Not the negative.

Social media can spread whatever you feed to it. When you are on social media, unless it is positive don’t write it, show it, or do anything that could be construed as negative coming from you or your company. I know there are some people, guru’s out there, that say you should mix it up a bit and create controversy as that will bring more people into the conversation and your participation and engagement will grow because of it. I think they are partially right, but why would you want to do that? Do you really want to be thought of a person that brings up the negative or would you rather be a person that people know your honest values. If you are just concerned about engagement and will do what-ever it takes to get this then go ahead and go for it, you’re an adult, I am not your parent. However, I think long term; people will eventually tune you out or just loose interest in what you are saying and then eventually what you are doing. 

Be careful what you post on Social Media, it can bite you back!

Just think of it this way. Using Facebook Social Media platform as the behemoth that has over 1 Billion users, I believe illustrates a point.  Once you post, and submit, it goes to all your friends and the public right away (depends of course on your settings of that post). I have found on average 150 friends/ person… so if you have 150 friends, and they have 150 friends it is possible for all of them to see your message, which is 22,500 people, if you did the math. What if that number is small? I now personally have over 600 + friends– do you think that some of your friends have at least that or possibly even more? Even if you delete it, the message and the link that you wanted everyone to look at will still be seen, it may not work when they click on it, but it will be seen.

Never, ever, under any circumstance, throw out your negative emotions online, it will only come to bite you later and could possibly have very severe consequences down the road. Do you remember the take-off summer movie called “Gremlins” back in the early 1980’s.  Well think of this when you want to post something negative, just like the furry, good looking, cute alien animals that were loved by many, you start posting negative or your bad relationships or your horrible customer/client or your “I can’t work with my partner” or many other negative situations; you the loved one, will turn into that ugly Gremlin.  All that the fuzzy creatures needed to turn from love to hate is touch a little water. All you need to do is touch a little negative and it will spread faster than you can even imagine. 

Words do matter! watch this short video that was done about 3 years ago, still applicable today, probably more so.
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